Book Reviews

I ordered and received a few copies of the book ‘Chutki’s Experiences’, authored by Shamalatha Rao of Bangalore.  The book is a delightful.  Narrates sad animal stories with sweetness and sympathy.  Makes references to the Laws of the land. Provides a happy ending to Chutki’s plight.  Illustrations are simply endearing.
For all who want to do any kind of educational outreach of kind and responsible animal treatment, this is a very useful resource book.
We are intending to distribute the book to different schools around here.
Congratulations, Shamalatha!
– Rita, Integrated Animal Care,Auroville, TN,  2nd June , 2011

I have recently got hold of a copy of the above cited small booklet, and let me say how wonderfully you have written such a readable and informative text, with beautiful illustration by Ms. Varsha Achar, on what would appear to be such a dry subject to many.  Please accept heartiest congratulation on this great achievement.
– L.M.S. Palni, Director, G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, July 2011

Yes, indeed a wonderful book written by a wonderful person…
– Kelly Johnson, Bangalore, 2nd June,2011

We want Chutki, We want Chutki . . . !!!!Shamalatha, plz. imagine many of us cheering for u’r book singing these words , right now!
– Sonal Vegan, 3rd June, 2011

Dear Shamalathaji,Thank you for your contributions to the Animal World
and Congratulations on the very great work done .
Yes children need to be sensitized and educated today towards animals.
If  I can spread the awareness through your book that would be very nice.
-Priya Shindurnikar, Compassion.animals,  3rd June,2011

Totally recommend!!! 🙂 Simple yet effective. Just what humane education programs need!!! 🙂 Thank you Shamalatha Rao.:)
– Dr.Mansi Jaysal,Humane Hope, Bangalore, 3rd June,2011.

The Head of the Educational institutions in Auroville, to whom I presented a copy of your book, noticed that you are a M.A., M. Ed., and was entirely confident that you have written an ‘appropriate’ book.  That was a pleasure for me.Dear Shamalatha, thank you very much. I was truly delighted to find your ‘readymade’ book.
– Ms.Rita ,Integrated Animal Care,Auroville, 6th June,2011.

Very nice keep-up the good work!
– Nilesh Banage ,PAWS, Mumbai . Recd  via e-mail on  17th June, 2011).

I went through the Chutki’s Experiences..It was very nice and informative.
– Dilip Bafna ,Animal Rights Fund, Bangalore, 22nd Jan 2010

I just finished reading your book.It is nothing short of  .brilliant.Your knowledge is phenomenal and the way you have mixed the narrative with learning is just perfect. I could not stop reading till I finished !Your work is so obviously a testimony of your love for animals !…………The book is a fantastic way to create awareness. I salute you !You are amazing !write on.
– Aditi, Bangalore, 8th Jan,2011

It is a beautiful book. My friends feel for children may be it can be simplified more with glossary etc.,
-Sushruta singh, Bangalore , 30 Dec, 2011

OMG,look at the dog’s tail here and the way its expectantly looking at the girl:). These pictures are so touching.
Aparajita Sood, April 11

Nice illustrations shamalatha.nice way to send home a message.
– Vasanthi Kumar, April 20

I loved this book:) very nicely written keeping children in mind.
– Priya Gundanna, May 10

Great job…….
– Santosh Rajashekar,May 10

My 4yr old nephew totally loved it!!! I am using it as his bedtime stories:-)
– Mansi Jaysal