Shamalatha Rao,is a teacher by profession with Masters Degrees (M.A.,M.Ed.,) in English and Education and has served for more than a decade both as a class-room teacher and as the Head of the Institutions during her tenure.She has always guided her students to win trophies in the Inter-school debate,essay and dramatic competitions and was also a very popular class-room teacher loved by her students.She used to write scripts for many stories to be enacted by her students on important occasions of the school .

Shamalatha Rao is an animal activist by choice and strongly believes that animals have the right to live a decent life just as we humans do and it is an obligation on our part to provide them care and protection.She has been writing quite a few articles and awareness materials in Kannada and English, to spread the word about animal welfare among general public.She has been into animal welfare activities since 1998 and has a lot of field experience.

The pilot project she planned and carried out along with two of her friends,to get all the dogs in her locality sterilized,was a great success and was the first of its kind in Bangalore ie.,area-wise ABC.Later on she volunteered her knowledge and services in many area-wise mobile ABC camps conducted by other voluntary organizations at Lalbaugh,Vasanthanagar etc., in Bangalore. She had five kennels constructed at CARTMAN, Bangalore and also arranged for the food of the dogs there for two years through sponsors as the place was in need of help.

Being a teacher,her main concern is to spread awareness among children.Hence she has taken weekly awareness sessions in schools/colleges under the banner of People for Animals,Bangalore,for about 2-3 yrs.She has also taken comprehensive sessions in many schools/colleges during animal welfare fortnights on request by other animal welfare organizations in Bangalore.

Recently, she has written and published the book,’Chutki’s Experiences”, to reach out to children in particular. The book is an interesting read for adults too and has been appreciated by many readers across the country.