Welcome to Chutki’s website! This website gives you an over-view of the wonderful book,”Chutki’s experiences’ written by Shamalatha Rao.

Read a few pages from the book to get an idea about the content and style of the book ! The colorful illustrations will definitely make the reading more interesting for readers of all age groups as well as help to understand the seriousness of the offenses inflicted upon animals.

Review the amazing feedback the book has received and provide your reviews. The book is an effort to introduce the serious topic of animal activism in an interesting and simple manner to reach out to the beginners.

The instances narrated in the play are not at all new to us. Many a times we happen to see different sorts of cruelties being committed against animals, but we feel helpless as we are not aware of the rules to protect animals. The references to the existing animal protection rules in the foot -note and at the end of the play will guide us to deal with the situations in a lawful manner and to help the animals out of the crisis.

This little book goes a long way in creating kindness and awareness to help the needy animals.

Have a look at the sample pages to get a glimpse of the book and to order your copies today..

Proceeds from book sales goes towards animal welfare activities.

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